Frame Mods

Stippling $125

We offer possibly the best stipple job in the business. All of our guns are hand-stippled, allowing you to feel the craftsmanship that is used to produce each frame. Stippling is a great way to improve your firearm, as it allows you to retain a better grip while firing the gun, especially when used in the rain or snow. Stippling is a must-have performance upgrade for any polymer-framed handgun. We offer two stipple styles, our most popular being the “Rice” style as seen on many of our builds and a “Dot” pattern. $125

Trigger Guard Reduction $75

A Trigger Guard Reduction is not only an aesthetic improvement to your favorite polymer-framed handgun, but a performance upgrade as well. With the Trigger Guard reduction, a fraction of the trigger guard is removed from underneath, allowing the shooter to grip higher on the handgun, bringing the bore axis lower. This results in improved recoil management and overall better handling of the firearm.

Grip Reduction $295

We specialize in frame modification, including a grip-reduction for your favorite Glock! With the grip reduction, the Glock will sit more naturally in the hand. We compare it to the blackstrap difference between the original flat mainspring housing of a 1911 and “humped” mainspring housing the 1911a1. The “hump” found naturally on Glock handguns causes the gun to sit canted upward in the shooter’s grip. The Grip Reduction will remove that material, sitting the gun more comfortably in your hand. The Grip Reduction includes an epoxy-filled blackstrap and stippling.

Finger Hump Removal $35

A frame modification that is sometimes over looked is the finger hump removal for Glock handguns. Sometimes a shooter’s grip is forced into the tracks formed by the standard Glock frame. The Finger Hump removal will allow shooters of all hand sized to align their grip in the most comfortable way for them. This is a particularly useful feature for shooters with large hands.