Slide Mods

Cocking Serrations and Insert Pads $150

Possibly one of the most sought after modifications that we offer is slide work. Here at TMT Tactical, we have access to precision machines to create beautiful and fictional slide cocking serrations and our signature “check press pad. Serrations and Insert Pads are offer more usable surface area to manipulate the slide. We offer four styles of front cocking serrations: 3-D Ball, Bonesaw, Basic, and Signature Series. We also offer TMT’s original “Insert Pad”, as seen in issues of American Handgunner and Guns Combat magazines. The Inserts are machines pockets in the slide that are filled with a rough textured material to provide a better grip to the front of the slide.

Top Of Slide Options

In addition to Optics Cuts on the slides, we offer a number of modifications to the front-top of the slide. These include ports, a window, a anti-glare trap (to prevent sunlight from bouncing off the slide into your eyes), and our most popular option: a machine engraved American Flag. This adds some flare to the gun and helps your gun stand out from the crowd. $75 each.

Optic Cut $150

Handgun optics are becoming increasingly popular in this age of sport shooting and defensive carry. At TMT Tactical, we offer different cuts for optics on Glock handguns. We cut specific for the optic in order to increase durability and performance of the optic. We cut Glocks for the following optics: Burris Fast-fire, Trijicon RMR, Venom Vortex, and the Leupold Delta Point. For the HK VP9, we only offer the cut for the Trijicon RMR at this time. These optics are fantastic for acquiring targets quickly, and are extremely popular among competitors and everyday carriers alike!