Custom Smith & Wesson Handguns

  • Smith & Wesson handgun owners love the modfications we make to their firearms. Our functional and practical features enhance these handguns with modifications that improve handling and make an attractive custom firearm that attract attention at the range.

    With over 30 years’ experience in precision machining and customizing handguns, we have taken the meaning of a true custom built precision handgun to a new level.

  • Price List for Smith & Wesson Handguns

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    Custom Feature Price
    Stipple frame, two side finger pads and underneath the trigger guard without grip reduction 125.00
    Install Advantage Tactical Sights (ATS), includes sights 120.00
    Upgrade ATS with optional fire fly, includes sights and installation 185.00
    De-horn the front and recess the rear of trigger guard 75.00
    Machine press check pockets into the left and right hand sides of the front slide and install aluminum silicon carbide “sharkskin” inserts 175.00
    Machine pockets into the top of the slide to reduce surface area and glare 75.00
    Bevel the front of the slide for ease of holstering 75.00
    Polish & lap all internal trigger components on stock trigger 75.00
    Cerakote or Hydro dip slide and frame 175.00
    Nickel Boron plate slide & barrel 120.00
    Laser engrave customer name 50.00
    Laser engrave custom logo P.O.R.
    CNC machine flutes or other custom features in top of slide P.O.R.
    Please inquire about work not listed for pricing.
    Prices Do Not include shipping and handling charges.

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